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Silver on Paper

Your dreams and memories pinned to your clothes

Imagine you have your happiest memory, your biggest achievement attached to your clothes.
Imagine you could add your life goal, your dream, your aspiration to your daily look.

Show off your talent, expose your pride, share your passion with an exquisite silver pin.

Ballerina pin

"Ballet is my passion. I have been dancing since I was 4, and my dream is to perform as a prima ballerina in Bolshoy Ballet. This pin is my motivation"

Instagram pin

"I am a full time blogger and I got this pin as a gift to celebrate 1 million followers in instagram. I feel so blessed and happy!"

Rose pin

"Just recently my dream came true - I opened my own flower boutique! This is a great and life-changing achievement. This pin will hold my excitement forever."

Photo camera pin

"I am a wedding photographer and I got this pin as a thank you gift from my clients. It looks gorgeous and I wear it proudly for all the shootings."

Pet paw pin

"My parents gave me this pin for good luck after I graduated from a vet college. I will be wearing it at work every day!"

Yoga pin

"Yoga saved me from deep depression and suicidal thoughts - it literally gave me a new life. This pin reminds me how precious my new life is."

Swallowbird pin

"My mother in law gave me this pin after my husband passed away. Swallow bird is a symbol of joy, love and care, and this is exactly what I miss now"

Hummingbird pin

"Hummingbirds are known for their resiliency, being able to travel great distances tirelessly. I work as a flight attendant, so this pin gives me a great support."

Pizza pin

"Me any my bff met each other in a pizza place, and since then pizza became a symbol of our friendship. When I saw this pin i immediately ordered two - for me and for her."

Videogame controller pin

"I met my girlfriend online while playing GTA. This month we had our 5th anniversary and this pin was a perfect gift to remind how our relationship started"

There is more!

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Want your own custom pin?

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